Welcome to National Stroke Association of Sri Lanka

The NSASL is an organization bringing together both medical and non medical persons interested in improving stroke care in Sri Lanka. We wish to be a source of information to the general public and patients in particular.

Since its inception in 2000, the NSASL has grown by way of its membership and activities. The NSASL has several ongoing training programmes aimed at patients and carers of stroke patients as well as periodic health camps.

Our newsletter with important stroke related facts is distributed free of charge to its membership.

Stroke Conference
Presenting His excellency the President of Sri Lanka with the Stroke Solidarity String on World Stroke Day 2012
  A comprehensive and easy to read "Stroke Care", written in Sinhala, Tamil and English was launched to mark World Stroke Day 2012.
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Sujatha 2691111 ext 2216
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