The Association shall consist of the following categories of members:

Ordinary Members
Life Members
Overseas Members

Ordinary members will need to renew membership annually on payment of the annual membership fee.

All members will be entitled to equal privileges and benefits.  A member of the Association shall not be entitled to make representations or use the name of the Association for personal benefits

Life Members and Ordinary Members
All persons resident in Sri Lanka shall be eligible to apply for Life or Ordinary membership of the Association and shall upon admission pay the prescribed subscription.

Overseas Members
All persons resident outside Sri Lanka shall be entitled to apply for Overseas membership of the Association and shall upon admission pay the prescribed subscription.

Members of good standing who are above the age of 18 years shall be eligible to vote and
Hold office in the Association.

Any person desirous of joining the Association should submit his particulars to the   Secretary on a prescribed form.  A new member shall be proposed and seconded by existing members.  Acceptance of the application for membership shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  A copy of the constitution shall be furnished to every person on admission to membership.



Ordinary members                  –           Rs: 200/- per annum
Life Membership                     –           Rs: 2500/- on admission

Ordinary members will have the discretion to pay the annual membership fees for more than one year at any given time.

For overseas members the following rates will apply:

Annual membership                –           US$ 100/- per annum
Life membership                     –           US$ 500/-


For members over 70 years of age the annual subscription shall be reduced by half.

Annual subscriptions are payable in advance in the month of March each year.  If a member falls into arrears with his subscriptions he shall be informed immediately by the Treasurer.  In the event of a member failing to settle arrears within six months of the due date, the Executive Committee may decide either to cancel his membership or suspend membership until the outstanding amounts are paid in full.

The rates of subscription may be revised by not more than 25% at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  Any increase beyond such limit shall be made by approval at a General Meeting.


Raising of Funds

Fund raising projects of any form shall be with the prior expressed approval of the Executive Committee and no individual shall have the authority to request or accept contributions/donations outside the scope of the Executive Committee decisions.  Additional funds for special purposes may be raised from members and other “potential benefactor” as determined by the Executive Committee on voluntary basis.